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  "As a Finland native, I grew up with Nordic and Scandinavian design. Bright colors, bold shapes. Crisp, strong lines. I draw my inspiration from nature but also from contemporary design.
  I seek to convey strength and motion and I am drawn to explore the juxtaposition of controlled shapes with natural free strokes, the contradiction between discipline and abandon.
  I came to art later in life.  After a long, international business career in both Europe and the US, I studied several years printmaking, painting and graphic design, earning a Certificate Degree, at the Corcoran School of Art and Design, The George Washington University, in D.C.
  I now reside, and have my studio, in Lewes, Delaware and show my work in galleries and juried art shows along the East Coast, from New York to Florida."

                              - Nina Mickelsen
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Ocean Breeze
Strokes of Hope Amidst Bleak Reality
Heated Gold
Fazer's Blu
Accessories on Grey Sweater
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