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"I work in pastel, watercolor, acrylic, monoprints and mixed media. Color and impact are my primary interests. I am an impulsive artist. I wake up in the morning and paint with great enthusiasm. I am hyper-active with the brush. I paint quickly and follow my impulse. My energy generates my meaning.
   I experiment with all forms of art media and lots of colors and textures. I strive to do something different all the time. Painting is a release of energy. When I paint, I use my brushes, sticks, rollers, knives and most of all my fingers. I seem to cover myself and the canvas with paint.
   I started my career as an English as a Second Language teacher and retired after 28 years. I have lived abroad for many years teaching in Lebanon, Yemen (the Peace Corp), Syria, Germany, Sudan, India and Turkey. I have traveled extensively and feel I bring an openness and flexibility to my art. I love change and "mixing it up" with people, places and art of all kind.
   I began studying art at the McLean Projects for the Arts in cooperation with instructors from the Corcoran College of Art and Design. I belong to various artist groups - The Arlington (Virginia) Art League, Rehoboth (Delaware) Art League, Delaware By Hand and The Art League, Alexandria, Virginia." 

- Kathy Brady

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