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  "I have always viewed my world with the eyes of artist, and my art making is an attempt to call attention to what speaks to me.

  During the last half of my adult life I’ve chosen to express my artistic response with three-dimensional media. I started by creating clay works and loved the sensuousness and malleability of the clay. My interests then shifted to the creation of freestanding sculpture and I began simultaneous love affairs with carving wood and stone and assembling objects with diverse textures. Regardless of the medium, I’m always drawn to expressing my love of the flowing lines, curvilinear forms, textures, and patterns found in the natural world and presenting them in a unique way. 

  I’m now in a state of transition; having decided to return to expressing myself, as I did as a child and young adult, with paint, pastel, or graphite. Rather than carving or modeling forms, I’m now defining them with a piece of chalk or a brush.

  My lines and textures are no longer incised, but drawn with a pencil. Depth is no longer an actuality, but an illusion to be created. The process is exciting, somewhat unsettling and also somewhat magical. Where it will take me is uncertain, but I do know that it will be an interesting journey."

                                   - Marti Marino


2 D work


3 D Work

Big Bird
Detail of Untitled Piece
The Significance of Three
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