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LEE WAYNE MILLS - in memoriam

  "I always felt that I build my art on the foundation of abstract expressionism. What I have sought to do, is to find a way to layer gesture and rythm in a manner significant beyond the foundation of the marks themselves, to juxtapose the structural and painterly events in a way that stages meaning, as words juxtaposed create phases and clauses.

  All of my works echo the fragmented, ever-changing moments of my life, dancing about, alighting, at this moment, in these positions - evoking remembered times and re-collected places, a coming together of emotions and ideas - gestures and strokes of paint, ink and resist - cut and torn pieces of cloth and paper and intervowen shapes.

  My award-winning mixed-media works in collage and assemblage have been exhibited in galleries from Texas to Massachusetts as well as here in Delaware and Maryland - and are in the collections of IBM and Montgomery County, MD. Curators and jurors have included them in many regional and national exhibitions - most recently at the Biggs Museum in Dover, DE and the Provincetown Art Association and Museum in Provincetown, MA."

                                   -  Lee Wayne Mills


Lee art
Lee art 3
Lee art 2
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