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  "I have to work actively in the field to abstract my comprehension of what I feel, and imagine forms and colors that will be in equilibrium on the canvas.


  My paintings are non representational. The important thing for me is to arrange these forms in the pictorial field to achieve a strong composition. I balance all relationships as they are developed and intuitively search for a complete image. My non representational forms will flow as part of a rhythmical interplay. The result is a vibrant, balanced composition."

                     - Aina Nergaard-Nammack

#1498 Sibelius, Finlandia, op 26
#1503 Grieg, Peer Gynt, Ingrid's Lament, 30x30
#1504 Vivaldi, Four Seasons, Spring, 30x30
#1502 Grieg, Peer Gynt, Morning, 30x30
#1501 Albeniz, Suite Espagnola, Aragon 30x30
#1433 Vivaldi Four Seasons, Winter.  24x24
#1447 Beethoven, PASTORAl   5   Shepherds' Hymn after the Storm, 24x24
#1471 Meditation 15, 30x30
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