"As a Finland native, I grew up with Nordic and Scandinavian design. Bright colors, bold shapes. Crisp, strong lines. I draw my inspiration from nature but also from contemporary design.
  I seek to convey strength and motion and I am drawn to explore the juxtaposition of controlled shapes with natural free strokes, the contradiction between discipline and abandon.
  I came to art later in life.  After a long, international business career in both Europe and the US, I studied several years printmaking, painting and graphic design, earning a Certificate Degree, at the Corcoran School of Art and Design, The George Washington University, in D.C.
  I now reside, and have my studio, in Lewes, Delaware and show my work in galleries and juried art shows along the East Coast, from New York to Florida."

                              - Nina Mickelsen


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Ocean Breeze
Strokes of Hope Amidst Bleak Reality
Orange Orchard
Heated Gold
Fazer's Blu
Accessories on Grey Sweater


Nina Mickelsen for the Artists' Exchange

Heated Gold

Acrylic, screen, aqua size, windblown gold leaf embedded in triple layered epoxy resin on wood board. Size 12" x 12" x 1.5"