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Photo: Harriet Wise

  "Michael Krausz converts imaginative impulse expressed through magnificent technique into syncretic art of mysterious presence. The slight, unidirectional smearing of the characters emphasizes the artist's concentration on achieving complete integration of mind and hand."

                                                          - Edward Sozanski, of The Philadelphia Inquirer

  "I have been actively painting and showing my artwork for about forty-five years. During that time I have mounted thirty-four solo and duo exhibitions in galleries in the United States, Great Britain, and India, and I have participated in many group exhibitions.

  My paintings concern the emergence and dissolution of ciphers in various spatial planes at once. Upon color fields, I superimpose inscriptions of no literal significance. I am interested in depicting the relationship between language and the unsayable - the spaces between lines, beyond words.

  My art integrates my philosophical and musical concerns. I am Research Professor of Philosophy at Bryn Mawr College and I teach Aesthetics at the Curtis Institute of Music. For nine years I was conductor of the Great Hall Chamber Orchestra. I find that ciphers in my art resemble some of my conductorial gestures.

  I have studied art at the Philadelphia College of Art and was Resident Fellow at the Ossabaw Foundation. I was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 1973. In 2009 and 2015, "Delaware by Hand" (sponsored by the Biggs Museum of American Art) awarded me the designation of 'Master'- Michael Krausz













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